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Years of research have shown that many diseases cannot only be prevented, but can often be healed by changing the lifestyle. This programme, also known as NEWSTART, is based on natural remedies and medical science.

Eden lifestyle Centre offers health programmes of 10 or more days, cleansing- and relaxation weeks as well as consultation services and natural treatments for those who are suffering from various ailments as described below.

What you may expect from these programme:

bullet Presentations
bullet Personal Counsel
bullet Hydrotherapy
bullet Massage
bullet Cooking classes
bullet Juices
bullet Exercise
bullet Good vegetarian meals
bullet Rest and relaxation

A day may look like this:

Although you might decide to skip certain parts of the programme, a day contains the following schedule: Wake up early, devotional, breakfast, presentations, exercise, massage or hydrotherapy, drinking juice, rest, lunch, free time, afternoon activity like cooking classes, herbal information, video’s, light supper, short evening presentation, devotional, and early to bed. After each meal we take short walks.

This NEWSTART programme has proven to be successful in treating:
bullet Arthritis bullet Cancer
bullet High blood pressure bullet Heart diseases
bullet Diabetes bullet Exhaustion
bullet Kidney problems bullet Overweight
bullet Depression bullet Smoking Addiction
bullet Stress bullet Allergies
bullet Sleep problems

This programme will help you to make the changes which will improve your health and quality of life. You will feel better and more fit for the daily tasks.

14 day cleansing- and relaxation programme:
This includes: 1x herbal cleansing programm from 'Arbor Vitae'
5x massage treatments, 1x scrubtreatment, every day fresh pressed juices and vegan meals, inclusive of accomodation. Cost: 965,- euro.

Consultation services:
If you would like specific information how you can improve your health or you need more information what you can do about a specific health problem in a natural way, this service can help you. By filling a form the doctor and her staff will be able to advise you and make a special programme that will fit your situation. Cost for this consultation: 55,- euro.

Staying at Eden Lifestyle Centre:
For those with several diseases like diabetes, heart problems, cancer etc, one would need practical help, guidance and personal care for which it is available at our lifestyle Centre. The cost are approximately 85,- euro per day, including stay, treatments, herbal medicines and a special diet according to your situation. Please contact us for more information on this on the following email address: or call 0031 575 463355


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