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Hengelo, Gelderland - The Netherlands

Who by ?

Eden Lifestyle Centre in cooperation with Courtney Jackson, DDS MME, Dr. Virginia Oden MD (VEIM), Dr. Michael Snyder, MD; Al and Magna Parks, PhD; and others.

For who?

• Persons who desire to help their family and fellow human beings to have good  health.
• Persons who desire to start an independent health institute.
• All who desire to do missionary work more effectively and want to use the right arm of the Gospel.


Starting from the 30th of May 2010 until the 27th of March 2011.

Prior education:

Not needed.


Eden Lifestyle Centre, Hengelo (GLD), The Netherlands


9 months.

Is this also for nurses and other medical personnel?

Absolutely! This course approaches health and healing from a totally different perspective. There is much more emphasis on prevention of disease by fostering a different lifestyle.
Learn how to combat disease as much as possible by the improvement of lifestyle and the use of natural remedies and treatments in combination with Biblical principles.

The training consists of various topics, each genrally lasting between one to four weeks. It is constructed to keep a good balance between the theoretical, the practical and the spiritual parts, following the head, heart and hand principle.

Topics that will be taught include:

* Basic introduction to medical missionary work.
* History of the SDA church.
* Human antaomy and physiology.
* Gardening.
* Cooking with non-dairy products.
* Daniel & Revelation, cornerstones of Prophecy.
* Literature Evangelism
* The Sanctuary Message.
* Hands on experience, with clients.
* How to give health and gospel presentations.
* How to build up & maintain an institution.
* Understanding of diseases and how to prevent and treat.
* Singing & Music.
* Health expo's.

These topics are taught in blocks:

* Physical assessments.
* Understanding & dealing with vital signs*.
* First Aid in Emergencies*.
* Introduction to Midwifery.
* Massage*.
* Hydrotherapy.
* Concepts of mental health.
* Knowledge about herbs and how to use them.

* Massage and First Aid in Emergencies and Reanimation will be taught in cooperation with an institute in the Netherlands. Students who pass the exams, will receive certified certificates.

Holidays:        July 19 –August 1*
                       October 11- 17
                       December 20 – January 10, 2011**
* The International Camp Meeting will take place from July 24 till August 1, 2010.
** The New Year's Programme takes place in the last week of December.

Alterations possible.
The first 4 weeks of a study period consists mainly of theoretical and practical assignments under the supervision of a doctor (or designated staff member of the team). The following weeks will see an increased amount of practical work. This includes: assisting in the treatment of health course guests with, for example hydrotherapy, diet, exercises, taking blood pressures, etc. Furthermore, the practical part involves gardening, cooking and other practical skills. The goal is to equip the students for medical missionary work, so that they are able to start a health centre themselves, or at least are able to work as a medical missionary or health worker in his or her region.

The costs

The costs for the whole period including the education programme, accommodation and meals is € 4455,-. Those who pay the whole amount in advance will get a discount of € 250,-. For those who desire to pay on a monthly basis the price will be € 495,- a month, which has to be paid in advance at the beginning of each month. Advance payment of € 990,- is required. Study books & copies and certain certificate(s) are extra to this cost.

On March 27, 2011 the students who have passed the course with good result, will receive a certificate from Village Eden International Ministries.

Students, who miss an instruction period(s) of the course for whatever reason, have to repeat the part(s) that were missed at his or her own cost, in order to finally receive the certificate. These matters will be decided by the staff.  

A few more details of the Part I schedule:
• "Restoring the withered right hand…"
• Gods masterpiece – human anatomy and physiology
• Diseases: their causes, treatment and prevention.
• Practical methods of treatment from nature.
• The use of herbs / Making capsules, suppositories etc.
• The ministry of healing (student presentations)
• The 8 natural remedies
• What, when, how and why do we eat?
• Medical value of nutrition
• Counsels on diet and food
• Internal and external use of water – hydrotherapy and massage.
• Morning and evening devotionals are part of the programme.

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