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Special edition of the Ark magazine

The Coming “New World Order” and the role of the falsified Ten Commandments.

Who would have ever thought that the law of the “Ten Commandments”, which God gave to man, could, in a falsified version, become the instrument to suppress those, who keep the true Ten Commandments?

It sounds like an utopia, but unfortunately it is fulfilling rapidly before our very eyes. Things can change and soon be totally different.
We are at the border of a revolution, which will turn the whole world upside down. In the very near future, also in the ‘free countries’, there will be no more freedom of expression!

This magazine gives you insight behind the scenes of what is going on. Order your copy today!



Answers to difficult Bible texts€ 4,50
Bible with Richard’s helps€ 44,95
Cambridge Concord Reference Bible (5 ½” x 8 Ό”)€ 130,-
Kregel Bible Handbook€ 11,-
King James Ultra Thin Reference Bible€ 49,95
Topical Concordance of the Bible€ 20,-
Vine’s Complete Expository Dictionary of the Old & New Testament€ 29,97
Leather Bible Case Extra Large 11x8x2 accessoiries€ 49,95



Blind Faith€ 5,95
Defeating Darwinism by opening minds€ 11,95
Evolution a Theory in Crisis€ 19,95

Children & Youth

101 Bible stories€ 15,-
Adopting an orphan€ 6,95
A brand from the burning€ 14,95
A good start€ 24,95
A hive of bees€ 6,95
Another hive of bees€ 6,95
A heart strangely warmed€ 8,-
Always in His keeping HB€ 16,-
Adoniram Judson God’s man in Burma€ 9,-
A Peep Behind the Scenes HB € 11,95-
A Peep Behind the Scenes HB€ 18,-
Brave Men To the Battle € 12,95
Birth of a Mission€ 10,95
Boys of Grit who changed the World HB€ 18,-

Color & Discover € 3,-
Cabin Boy to Advent Crusader€ 11,95
Set Character classics 7 vol.€ 44,95
Come home mother€ 6,95
Choma€ 11,95
Set Christian Liberty Nature Readers 6 vol. € 38,70
Christian Men of Science€ 15,-
Coals of Fire€ 9,--
Champions of Invention€ 6,-
Champions of Mathematics€ 6,-
Christie’s Old Organ HB€ 16,-
Christ Our Saviour HB€ 11,95
Champions of Science€ 6,-
Curse of the Cannibals€ 11,95
Clever Queen€ 9,95
Cross-Roads in Time€ 7,95
Choice Stories for Children HB€ 11,95
Christie the King’s Servant HB€ 15,-
Clean Your Boots Sir? HB€ 14,-
Crushed yet Conquering€ 17,-
Done and Dared in Old France€ 13,-
Driven into Exile€ 8,95
Doctor in Rags€ 8,-
Dr. Rabbit€ 11,95
Exploring Planet Earth€ 14,-
Exploring the History of Medicine € 14,-
Exploring the World around you€ 14,-
Exploring the World of Chemistry€ 14,-
Exploring the World of Mathematics€ 14,-
Exploring the World of Physics€ 14,-
Follow & Find€ 3,-
Fanny Crosby Queen of Gospel Songs€ 8,-
Female Piety€ 24,95
Gospel Primer€ 12,95
Happy Home Stories€ 10,95-

Hints on Child Training€ 10,-
Honesty the best Policy€ 5,95
Ideals and Moral Lessons€ 6,95
In His Name€ 9,95
It Must Have been an Angel€ 8,-
Ink on his fingers€ 8,-
I saw God’s Hand€ 6,95
Into the Blizzard€ 10,95
Into the Jungle€ 14,95
In the land of the Incas€ 12,95
In the Twilight€ 6,95
In the Whale’s Belly€ 6,95
I will Die Free€ 10,-
John Bunyan The tinker of Bedford€ 7,95
Jessicia’s First Prayer HB€ 11,-
Jungle Stories€ 10,95
Jungle Thorn€ 8,95
Kamwendo€ 10,95
Key to the Prison€ 8,-
Libby and his Bush Friends € 12,95
Lydia a Seller of Purple€ 8,95
Lighter of Gospel Fires€ 12,95
Little Susy Stories€ 8,-
Livingstone the Pathfinder€ 8,95
Missionary Annuls Memoir of Robert Moffat€ 7,95
Set Moody Colporteur Reprints 4 vol.€ 20,95
Mary Jones and her Bible HB€ 16,-
Mighty Mary€ 8,95
Mrs. Monty and the Birds€ 8,95
Marvels of Creation Birds€ 13,-
Marvels of Creation Mammals€ 13,-
Marvels of Creation Sea Creatures€ 13,-
Mothers of Famous Men HB€ 18,-
Men of Science, Men of God€ 8,-
Morning Star of the Reformation€ 7,95

More Than Conquerors€ 14,95
Melody the Story of a Child HB€ 16,-
Nyla and the White Crocodile€ 6,-
Nature Mazes€ 3,-
Night Preacher€ 8,-
One Hundred Games for boys & girls€ 8,95
Set Old Homestead Tales 5 Vol.€ 34,95
Plant a Seed of Peace€ 16,-
Peter and the Pilgrims€ 8,-
Proverbs for Parenting€ 15,95
Pioneer Stories€ 14,95
Paula the Waldensian€ 6,95
Swift Arrow€ 10,95
Set Sam Campbell Living Forest Steries PB 12 Vol€ 90,-
Sam Campbell Philosopher of the Forest€ 11,95
Scrub€ 4,95
Seeds God’s Awesome Computers€ 12,-
Stepping Heavenward€ 8,-
Storytime in Africa Vol. 1€ 8,95
Storytime in Africa Vol. 2€ 8,95
Strangers in the Land€ 7,95
Sketches of Bible Child Life€ 8,95
Sweet Sue’s Adventures€ 9,95
Scrapbook Stories€ 9,95
Stick to the Raft HB€ 15,-
Special Wonders of our Feathered Friends€ 13,-
The adventures of Kado€ 10,95
Taught by a Tiger€ 7,-
The Beggars Bible€ 8,-
The Beggars Blessing HB€ 16,-
The Basket of Flowers HB€ 18,-
The Bishop’s Shadow € 8,-
The Bible Smuggler€ 8,-
The Children’s Illustrated Bible € 24,95
The Genesis of Germs€ 15,-

The Golden Thread HB€ 14,-
The Hedge of Thorns HB€ 14,-
The Hand that Intervenes€ 9,95
Thunderstorm in Church€ 8,-
The King’s Daughter HB€ 1,95
Tip Lewis and His Lamp€ 8,95
The lost Children€ 6,95
Through Many Dangers the Story of John Newton€ 18,-
The man that rum made€ 6,95
The man who laid the egg€ 8,-
Tom’s Revenge € 6,95
The Restless Missionary€ 10,95
The Romance of Protestantism€ 9,95
The Secret Church€ 8,-
The Story of Jesus€ 20,-
The seven Secrets of Somewhere Lake€ 12,95
Theo the Big Brother€ 8,95
The Tiger of Bitter Valley € 13,95
The Three Weavers a tale for fathers & daughters HB€ 12,-
The Young Huguenots€ 9,95
Urbane and his Friends€ 8,-
Under the Blood Banner€ 10,95
Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation€ 33,-
Who Am I?€ 5,-
Weather€ 14,95
Wonders of Creation Series/The Astronomy book€ 16,-
Wonders of Creation Series/The Geology book€ 16,-
Wonders of Creation Series/The Weather book€ 16,-
Wonders of Creation Series/The Ocean book€ 16,-
Wonders of Creation Series/The Fossil book€ 16,-
William of Orange: The Silent Prince€ 9,95
When they were Boys€ 6,95
When they were Girls€ 6,95
Miscellaneous book Item Jessica’s mother comes home HB€ 15,-
Miscellaneous book Item Adam & Eve HB€ 20,-

General Religious

General Religious

1844 Made Simple€ 9,-
A defense of the Sabbath€ 3,95
All loves Excelling€ 7,-
A plain account of Christian Perfection € 9,95
A Pictorial History of our English Bible€ 7,95
A response to the video – Seventh-day Adventism€ 97,95
A Syllabus for Holy Living€ 9,95
Ambassadors Studies on the 13 Apostles€ 10,95
Answers to Objections to our Authorized Bible€ 12,50
Answers to your Bilbe Version Questions€ 10,95
Assurance? Yes but of what?€ 15,-
Breaking the code of the Secres Societies€ 8,95
Battle of the Spirits€ 9,-
Behold the Lamb the Last Hours of Christ’s Life € 5,95
Behold the Man€ 7,95
Back to our Future€ 21,95
Bearing Witness to the truth€ 14,95
Christianity and Bioethics confronting Clinical Issues€ 24,95
Cleanse and Close€ 5,95
Christ and His Righteousness€ 9,95
Coming Events and Crisis at the close€ 14,50
Christ our Righteousness€ 15,-
Coming of the Comforter€ 11,-
Detours and Ditches€ 7,95
Daniel and Revelation PB€ 12,-
Does God care?€ 7,95
Dove of Gold€ 12,95
Day of the Dragon€ 9,-
Exodus and Advent Movements in Type and Antitype€ 11,95
Even at the Door€ 15,-
Enemy at the Gate€ 6,95
Ecclesiastes and the Pioneers€ 10,95
Ellen G. White Prophet of Destiny€ 14,95
Ecclesiastical Megalomania€ 19,95
En route to Global Occupation€ 13,-
End Time Delusions€ 5,95

End Time Delusions€ 14,-
Faces around the Crib€ 8,95
Final Authority€ 19,95
Feast Days Shadows of our Faith€ 3,95
From Eden to Eden€ 15,95
Fascinating Facts about the Spirit of Prophecy€ 4,-
Footprints in the Ash€ 17,-
Facts of Faith€ 8,95
Fifty years in the Church of Rome€ 14,95
God at Risk€ 18,95
Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners€ 9,95
God’s Call to Planet Earth€ 13,50
Graffiti in the Holy of Holies€ 13,-
Guide to Christian Perfection€ 11,95
Gipp’s Understandable History of the Bible€ 24,95
His Cross and Mine€ 4,95
Hidden Heresy?€ 11,-
His Name is Wonderful€ 11,-
Hour of the Witch€ 14,-
How to give Impromtu Bible Studies€ 12,95
Here we Stand€ 19,95
In Gog they trust€ 10,-
Joseph Bates the real founder of Seventh-day Adventism€ 17,-
Journey into light€ 7,95
Jesus is my Judge€ 14,95
J.N. Andrews Flame for the Lord€ 9,95
Jesus only Paul’s Letter to the Romans€ 11,95
James White Innovator and Overcomer€ 17,-
Lambs among Wolves€ 4,95
Last days Delusions€ 10,95
Last day tokens€ 7,95
Life Incidents€ 22,-
Lessons of Salvation in Galatians€ 5,25
Life principles of the Master€ 7,50

Letters to the Churches € 7,95
Myths about the Modern Bible Versions€ 19,95
Magnificent Disappointment€ 20,-
Madison God’s beautiful Farm€ 14,95
Man here and hereafter€ 8,95
Memoirs of William Miller€ 30,-
Modern Spiritualism€ 11,95
Our authorized Bible Vindicated€ 14,95
One man’s leap of Faith€ 10,50
Objections sustained€ 11,95
Pokemon and Harry Potter a fatal attraction€ 12,95
Prove all Things€ 14,95
Prisoner for Christ€ 14,-
Patience in the Midst of Trials & Tribulations€ 11,-
Promise Keepers another Trojan Horse€ 15,95
Paul’s Letter to Timothy & the Church Today€ 5,95
Prophecy made easy€ 15,-
Quite Contrary€ 7,95
Questions that demand Answers€ 6,95
Ransom and Reunion€ 7,-
Rome and the Bible€ 19,95
Reason in the Balance€ 14,95
Ready or Not€ 15,-
Reaping the Whirlwind€ 10,95
Receiving the Word€ 11,95
Separation and Unity€ 11,-
Sunday’s coming€ 15,-
Strange Fire€ 11,95
Sparkling Gems of Truth€ 10,95
Sunday in Roman Paganism€ 14,95
Studies in the book of Hebrews € 10,95
Speaking in Tongues€ 11,95
Spiritual Junk Food the Dumbing Down of Christian Youth€ 17,-
S.N. Haskell man of Action€ 13,95
Standing Room only€ 14,95
Sola Scriptura the Protestant position on the Bible€ 14,95

See the Gods Fall€ 21,95
The Antichrist 666€ 10,95
The Antichrist Crhonicles€ 5,95
The Atonement in the Light of Nature and Revelation€ 16,95
The Antichrist€ 4,95
The Autobiography of Joseph Bates HB€ 22,-
Tithes and Offerings Trampling the Conscience€ 9,95
The atoning Priesthood of Jesus Christ€ 12,95
Trials and Triumph€ 4,95
The Biblical Institute Lectures on the Principal Doctrines of SDA’s€ 15,95
The Bible Instructor€ 22,95
The Crisis Ahead€ 11,-
The Criminalization of Christianity€ 20,-
The Chronology of Ezra 7€ 12,95
The Change of the Sabbath€ 7,95
The Dragon the Beast & the False Prophet€ 11,95
The End€ 9,95
The Faith of Jesus€ 8,95
The Gospel in Creation€ 8,95
The Gospel in Galatians€ 4,95
The Gift of Prophecy€ 9,95
The Glad Tidings€ 7,95
The Hidden Agenda€ 13,95
The Holy Spirit in the Christian Experience€ 4,25
The Heavenly Trio€ 3,95
The Illuminati 666€ 11,95
The Islamic Invasion€ 14,95
The Law and the Sabbath€ 10,95
Truth Matters€ 16,-
The Matchless Charms of Christ€ 5,95
The Myth of a Christian Nation€ 20,-
The National Sunday Law€ 11,95
Truth or Consequences€ 13,-
The Power of Revival and Reformation€ 10,95

The Place of the Bible in Education€ 12,95
The Promise of the Holy Spirit€ 9,95
The Perfect Prayer€ 7,95
The Path to the Throne of God€ 14,95
The Priest, the Woman, the Confessional€ 7,95
The Return€ 10,-
The Reformed Pastor€ 9,-
The Sancturary, 1844 and the Pioneers€ 12,95
The Sanctuary and the 2300 Days€ 11,95
The Saints Inheritance€ 9,95
The Santuary made Simple€ 4,95
The Supremacy of Peter€ 15,95
The Story of the Seer of Patmos€ 22,95
The Sabbath which day and why?€ 13,95
The two Babylons€ 13,50
The Trinity€ 20,-
The Voice of the Spirit€ 9,-
The Woman & the Beast in the Book of Revelation€ 9,-
The Wine of Roman Babylon€ 13,95
The Wedge of Truth€ 18,95
The Word was made Flesh€ 11,95
UFO’s & The New World Order Connection€ 10,95
Understanding Roman Catholicism€ 10,95
Unwrapping the Pharaohs Book & DVD€ 35,-
Victory & Self-Mastery€ 9,95
Winds of Doctrine€ 12,95
Waggoner on Romans€ 9,95
Waggoner on the Gospel of John€ 12,95
What Shall I do to Inherit Eternal Life Spanish€ 5,95
You can Survive € 19,95
Youth Ministry in Crisis€ 10,95
Shadows of His Sacrifice€ 7,95
Vanishing Saints€ 5,95
New Age Bible Versions € 14,95
The Rights of the People€ 12,95
Miscellaneous book Item Omega II€ 13,-



ABC of Asthma, Allergies & Lupus€ 17,-
Activated Charcoal€ 7,95
Abundant health€ 11,95
Aloe Vera Nature’s Soothing Healer€ 9,95
A-Z Guide to drug-herb-vitamin Interactions€ 22,95
Body by Design € 14,95
Breast Care€ 3,95
Back to Basics in Health and Fitness€ 9,95
Christians Beware the Dangers of Secular Psychology€ 12,95
Christian Temperance and Bible Hygiene€ 9,95
Diabetes & the Hypoglycemic Syndrome€ 14,95
Encyclopedia of Nutritional Supplements€ 22,95
Excitotoxins€ 17,95
First book in Physiology & Hygiene€ 11,95
Food for thought€ 10,95
Fats that Heal Fats that Kill€ 22,95
Good Cholesterol Bad Cholesterol€ 14,95

God’s Healing Leaves€ 9,95
God’s Nutritionist Pearls of Wisdom from EGW€ 16,95
Get Well at Home€ 19,95
Health and Nutrition Secrets that can Save your Life€ 29,95
Herbal Antibiotics€ 12,95
Holistic Health Holistic Hoax€ 13,95
Home Remedies€ 14,95
Hydrotherapy Simple Treatments for common Ailments€ 8,95
In bad taste the MSG Symptom Complex€ 14,95
Mad Cows and Milkgate€ 20,-
Mystical Medicine€ 7,95
Manual of Hydrotherapy and Massage€ 13,-
Nutrition and Wellness€ 19,95
Natural Healthcare for your Child€ 9,95
None of these Diseases€ 16,-
Natural Remedies€ 6,95
Natural Treatments for Hypertension€ 14,95
Plugged Arteries & a Clogged Immune System€ 18,95
Questions Diabetics should be asking their Physicians€ 7,-
Spiritualistic Deceptions in Health & Healing€ 15,-
Seeds of Deception€17,95
Selling Sickness€ 14,95
The Art of Massage€ 19,95
The Divine Prescription and Science of Health€ 28,95
Today’s Herbal Health€ 19,95
Today’s Herbal Health for Woman€ 12,95
The Itinerary of a Breakfast€ 13,95
Tainted Meat€ 12,95
The Ministry of Midwifery /A manual€ 14,95
Thy Nakedness€ 12,95
The Use and Safety of Common Herbs and Herbal Teas€ 8,95
Understanding the Body Organs€ 17,95
Your Body’s Many Cries for Water€ 14,95



The Christian and Rock Music€ 20,-
What God says about Music€ 12,95



Daniel and Revelation with Comments and Illustrations€ 6,95
Paul’s Epistle to the Galatians€ 10,95
Real Grace for Real People€ 12,95
Rome Stoops to Conquer€ 14,95
The Promise of Power€ 12,95
The Reformation and the Advent Movement€ 12,95
The Seven Epistles of Christ€ 14,95
The Ten Commandments€ 14,95
What is a Seventh-day Adventist & how inspired was Ellen White€ 5,95
You Ask God Answers€ 14,95

Reformation & History

Reformation & History

Christ and Antichrist€ 24,95
Cromwell the Protector€ 15,-
Empires of the Bible€ 20,95
Foxe’s Book of Martyrs€ 12,-
For God & His People€ 11,95
Heroes of the Reformation€ 14,95
History of the Reformation of the 16th Centrury 2 Vol. PB€ 44,95
History of the Sabbath€ 24,95
History of the Waldenses€ 12,95
Hus the Heretic€ 9,95
In the Beginning€ 24,95
Ladies of the Reformation€ 10,95
My Escape from the Auto de Fe€ 9,95
The Anatomy of a Hybrid€ 11,95
The British Josiah€ 12,95
The Celtic Church in Britain€ 16,95
The Church of Rome at the Bar of History€ 15,-
Set The History of Protestantism 4 Vol.€ 99,95
The Huguenots or Reformed French Church€ 45,95
The History of the Western Apostolic Churches€ 9,95
The Midnight Cry€ 21,95
ThePapacy€ 9,95
The Reformers and their Stepchildren€ 12,95
The Reformation in England Vol. 1€ 40,-
The Reformation in Spain€ 13,95
The Secret History of the Jesuits€ 9,50
To the last drop of our blood€ 11,95
Truth Triumphant€ 16,95
This was John Calvin€ 11,95

Spirit of Prophecy

Spirit of Prophecy

A solemn Appeal€ 4,95
A word to the little Flock€ 1,50
Conflict and Courage€ 14,-
Christians Experience & Teachings€ 13,-
Child Guidance€ 15,-
Christ in His Sanctuary€ 7,-
Country Living€ 3,-
Counsels on Education€ 15,-
Christ’s Object Lessons€ 15,-
Confrontation€ 7,-
Counsels on Stewardship€ 15,-
Christian Service€ 15,-
Counsels to Parents, Teachers & Students€ 15,-
Disease & its Causes€ 3,95
Dare to be a Daniel€ 10,95
Education€ 15,-
Early Writings€ 15,-
Faith and Works€ 10,-
Fear not little Flock€ 14,95
God’s Amazing Grace€ 13,-
Gifts for God’s People€ 13,95
Gospel Workers€ 15,-

Heaven€ 15,-
Lucifer how art thou fallen€ 12,95
Lift Him Up€ 11,-
Loma Linda Messages€ 13,95
Life Sketches of EGW€ 15,-
Living the Life of Enoch€ 10,95
Meek & Mighty the man Moses€ 10,95
My Life Today€ 14,-
Maranatha the Lord is Coming€ 14,-
Messages to young People€ 15,-
Notebook Leaflets€ 7,95
Nehemiah restoring the Breach€ 7,95
Reflecting Christ€ 11,-
Sermons and Talks vol. 1€ 11,-
Sermons and Talks vol. 2€ 11,-
Selected Messages Vol. 1 HB€ 15,-
Selected Messages Vol. 2 HB€ 15,-
Selected Messages Vol. 3 HB€ 15,-
Selected Messages Vol. 1 HB Red Book€ 15,-
Selected Messages Vol. 2 HB Red Book€ 15,-
Steps to Christ HB€ 10,-
Steps to Christ (leather)€ 18,-
Set The conflict of the Ages€ 80,-
The Faith I live by€ 13,-
Thoughts from the Mount of Blessing HB€ 9,-
The Health Food Ministry€ 4,95
The Life of Christ€ 5,95
Testimonies on Sexual Behavior, Adultery & Divorce€ 15,-
The Publishing Ministry€ 15,-
The Story of Redemption HB€ 17,-
The Southern Work€ 6,-
Testimonies to Ministers€ 15,-
The Upward Look€ 11,-
Ye Shall receive Power€ 11,-


Tracts etc

Rome’s Arraignment of Sabbathbreakers€ 1,-
Rome’s Challenge why do protestants keep Sunday?€ 1,-
Temperance in Dress€ 1,95
The King James Bible Companion€ 0,50
The Marked Bible€ 2,95
Theatrical Performances€ 2,95
The Sanctuary€ 2,50

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