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Below you can read more about the reason why hydrotherapy treatments are so beneficial. To watch the videos on hydrotherapy, poultices and recipes of salad, dressings and juices click on the respective buttons on the left side.

Hydrotherapy treatments
Hydrotherapy is another word for water treatments. It is helpful in many different diseases. "Scientists have discoverd that water therapy can help the human body in so many ways. For example Liebig discoverd that cold air, cold water, and exercise, habitually employed, are the most powerful of all means of stimulating tissue activity. And Strasser has shown that general cold applications increase the alkalinity of the blood, the reduction in acid phosphate amounting sometimes to fifty percent." (Natural Remedies Ecyclopedia, p. 163).

How does healing come to afflicted parts of our body? All organs are important, but none of them could function if there was no blood to bring food and oxygen and carry away waste products from each cell in the body. Thus the blood imparts life, heals and restores. Therefore in the book of Leviticus it says: "For the life of the flesh is in the blood." The blood fluid contains several different types of cells. For example the Red blood cells which carry nutrition and oxygen and take away carbon dioxide and other waste products. Thus it both nourishes and cleanses. Then there are the white blood cells to attack and destroy disease wherever it may be found throughout the body. And the blood provides the materials with which the body can rebuild the torn, diseased structures.
But there are two limitations to the blood. There really is not enough of it. This is why you should not swim for 30 minutes after a meal: There is not enough blood to care for initial digestion and muscle activity at the same time. Secondly the blood has a tendency to congest, or pool, in a damaged or infected part of your body. The result is a clogging up of too much blood in one place. The blood circulation to that part has slowed and the pooled blood has less ability to nourish and heal. So, we need to bring larger quantities of blood to the afflicted areas; and we need to move it in and out again more rapidly. And, interestingly enough, as the blood quickens in healthy activity, the bone marrow begins to make more blood than it normally would! Hydrotherapy can provide these solutions.
Hot applications followed by cold, will cause a decided increase in the number of blood cells in the peripheral circulation. This increase often amounts to from 20 to 35% in the red corpuscles and from 200 to 300% in the white corpuscles; the hemoglobin also shows an increase of 5% or more, meaning more oxygen in the area. Tonic cold baths also increased the excretion of usea by 20%, uric acid by 30%, ammonia 50% and the alkaline phosphates 25-30%.


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